Eaves Wilder

Secretly Canadian
Rock, Alternative/Indie

Artist Notes

Secretly Canadian announces the signing of rising London singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Eaves Wilder. In celebration of the news, Eaves shares her first new music in 18 months, and her first for the label – the self-confessed “female revenge fantasy song” ‘I Stole Your Jumper’.

‘I Stole Your Jumper’ finds the British teenager – who, in her own words, “is far too polite” to take any physical action against those who have wronged her – trying to wrestle back control of a situation from a manipulative ex partner.

“I Stole Your Jumper is me allowing myself to tap into my own female rage for the first time,” explains Eaves. “But in my own way – no blowing people up Thelma and Louise style – it’s a very British and passive aggressive revenge fantasy.”

The song’s video was directed by Eaves and her older sister, Dora, who storyboarded it together while they were still living at home. Inspired by the aforementioned Thelma and Louise, with elements of Meet Me In St. Louis, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Victorian fashion, they wanted it to feel as silly as the song and had a lot of fun coming up with ridiculous ways to destroy the jumper. Eaves comments “Getaway-driving in a convertible, hair flying in the wind. but instead of riding off a cliff, I just sat on a toilet and sang, which is what I think they should have done. Would have saved a lot of hassle.”

Widely praised by tastemaking UK press including The Sunday Times, NME, Clash, DIY, Dork and The Line of Best Fit, Eaves Wilder has been releasing music since the age of 16. Writing, recording and self-producing at her London home, her eloquent songwriting documents both the simplicity and stress of being a teenager in the present day.

‘I Stole Your Jumper’ is Eaves’ first release to be recorded in a studio rather than her bedroom. Co-produced by Eaves herself and Andy Savours (Arctic Monkeys / Black Country, New Road / Rina Sawayama) , it follows her debut releases ‘Won’t You Be Happy’, ‘In and Out (and Out Again)’, ‘Man, He Was Lonely’ and ‘Mother in Your Mind’ in aligning her as one of the UK’s most exciting new alternative talents.